Educare - Contract Child Care


Busing is available for school age children in Shakopee, Prior Lake/Savage, and Jordan.

Playworks transports to and from the following schools as long as required minimums are met:

PlayworksPlayworks Schoolage

Prior Lake School District

  • Redtail Ridge Elementary
  • Westwood Elementary
  • Grainwood Elementary
  • Glendale Elementary
  • Five Hawks Elementary
  • Edgewood Early Learning Center
  • Jeffers Pond Elementary
  • Aspen Academy

Shakopee School District

  • Sweeney Elementary
  • Jackson Elementary
  • Red Oak Elementary
  • Sun Path Elementary

Playworks provides transportation from the following schools as long as required minimums are met:

  • St. Michaels Catholic School, Prior Lake
  • Jordan Elementary & Middle School.
  • Hidden Oak and Twin Oak Middle Schools, Prior Lake (the bus parks at HOMS)

The following schools provide public transportation to and from Playworks:

  • Eagle Creek Elementary, Shakopee
  • Shakopee Area Catholic Schools.

Please note:  It is the parent’s responsibility to contact their child’s school to notify them that they will be using the Playworks bus for transportation or if their child will be riding the public bus to/from Playworks instead of their home.  Most schools have a special form that needs to be filled out and returned to the school office.

What if my child doesn’t attend one of these schools?
You will need to provide your own transportation to and from Playworks.