Educare - Contract Child Care

Goals for Interaction Between Teachers and Children


Playworks teachers strive to:

  • Be respectful, positive, supportive, and affectionate. Playworks promotes a positive approach to managing the behavior of children.
  • Demonstrate concern for the personal differences between individuals in relationship to their needs, interests, development, and capabilities. Teachers will have appropriate expectations for individual children.
  • Have a basic understanding of how children develop. Teachers will plan developmentally appropriate activities. The teacher accepts children’s expression of emotions and knows when and how to channel those emotions. The teacher is also able to justify the presentation of a particular environment, material, or activity by explaining its relationship to the education and personal growth of a child or children.
  • Demonstrates creativity and resourcefulness in planning programs and in use of materials.
  • Be able to work with both individuals and groups of children with equal skill. Teachers will be open to change and welcome innovation.
  • Accept changes in routine or plans.
  • Bend to eye level frequently when talking with a child. Teachers are able to help each child build self-esteem and a health self concept.
  • Use appropriate language, and relate behavior to growth and development.
  • Know and use appropriate discipline techniques and seek help if unable to manage a child. Teachers use no punitive methods of discipline and offer guidance in a positive manner.
  • Keep the program operating smoothly with a variety of activities that foster exploration, investigation, and creativity.
  • Assess each child’s growth, development, and performance. Record observations for each child, taking special note of changes and maintaining appropriate records as have been requested.
  • Participate in children’s activities without interfering with their play. Teachers are ready to initiate activity/game in the room, outside, or in the playground. The teachers seek out children who have difficulty finding activities and finishing tasks and help engage them in worthwhile activities.
  • Establish clear limits and boundaries for individuals and groups of children. Teachers will be consistent with children who have difficulty following through, returning materials, or understanding the rules. Teachers will help children understand other people’s feelings.
  • Use calm but direct use of voice. Teachers will state limits positively. Teachers will continuously listen, talk, and interact with children.
  • Give clear directions and help children move smoothly and in control from one activity to another. Teachers are always prepared for a new activity without leaving children unattended. Teacher will see that rooms are left organized and equipment put away.