Educare - Contract Child Care

What Makes Educare Special


What Makes Educare Special:

  • It is a community of family – parents, children and a care giving teaching team of early childhood educators.
    • The teachers strive to have quality nurturing relationships with not only the children but their families too.
    • Our job is to love, support, and educate each child as he/she grows.
  • Communication is valued!
    • Communication is done daily through verbal conversations and written daily notes that communicate the child’s social and emotional interactions, language development, and physical (large and small motor) activities.
    • There is an open door policy – family members can visit any time.
    • Involvement is welcomed and participation is encouraged!
  • We’re committed to delivering the highest quality early care and education to our children and families.
    • Hands-on learning experiences are evident daily and woven into the Playworks curriculum and interactive classrooms.
    • Playworks Lesson Plans offer age appropriate activities – children learn best through engaging, hands-on experiences which encourage them to explore their world through their senses, to explore their ideas, and to learn how to solve problems on their own. These age appropriate activities include:
      • Reading
      • Science/sensory experiments
      • Cooking projects
      • Dramatic play
      • Outdoor games
    • Our environment nurtures, invites exploration, and encourages creative thinking.
      • Classrooms have learning centers that offer all these experiences.
    • Each child has a primary caregiver who understands the child’s temperament, preferences, and individual needs.
    • Our long-term committed teaching team
      • Happy, kind, loving, loyal professional early childhood educators
      • Low turnover – they love their teaching positions.
      • They have fun each day, which in turn makes it fun for the children to learn.
      • They know that they are valued, encouraged, and respected and that reflects in them giving their best each day.