Educare - Contract Child Care

School Break Days


Care on School Break Days

The school age teachers plan fun field trips and activities on school break days that will have your kids begging to come!  The cost of the field trip and all meals are included in the price.  Playworks uses their own school buses to transport the children on field trips

Children who are enrolled on a weekly basis in the before and after program just need to submit a schedule change to add hours for the school break day.

If your child does not attend on a weekly basis, but needs care only on school break days, that is an option as well.  You just need to have enrollment paperwork on file with an active account. Then, all you have to do is contact the school-age manager 2 weeks before the school break day to reserve a spot for your child.

Weather Related Days Off From School

If you have an active account for your child and your child comes for school break days, you can use our program for weather related days off as well.  If your child’s school is closed due to the weather and you need care for the day, call the Playworks customer care desk and ask for the Manager on Duty to see if there is space available.  If your child’s school is delayed or released early and you only need a couple of hours care, then we recommend you check your child in to Playtime, Playworks hourly care program located in the Atrium.  Playworks will not provide transportation to or from school for late start or early release due to weather if your child is not contracted for busing on a regular weekly basis.

  • October 2: Jordan Early Release
  • October 15: No school for Prior Lake Kindergarten
  • October 16-18: No School Prior Lake
  • October 16-18: No school Shakopee
  • October 17 – 18: No school Jordan
  • October 31: Prior Lake 2 hour early release
  • November 2: No School Jordan
  • November 8: No school Shakopee
  • November 27: No school Prior Lake
  • November 28 – 29: No school Thanksgiving Break
    Playworks closed November 28
  • Dec 23 – 27: No School Shakopee, Jordan & Prior Lake
    Playworks closed December 24 & 25
  • Dec 30 – Jan 1: No school Shakopee, Jordan & Prior Lake
    Playworks Closed January 1
  • Jan 2 – 3: No school Shakopee
  • January 20: No school Shakopee, Jordan & Prior Lake
  • January 21: No school Jordan
  • January 27: No School Shakopee
  • February 17: No School Shakopee, Jordan & Prior Lake
  • February 18: No School Prior Lake
  • March 20: Prior Lake early release
  • March 21: No school Prior Lake
  • March 24 – 28: No school Prior Lake & Jordan
  • March 28: No school Shakopee
  • March 31: No school Jordan
  • March 31 – April 4: No school Shakopee
  • May 7: Jordan Early Release
  • May 26: Memorial Day Playworks Closed
  • May 29: Last day of school Prior Lake 3 hour early release
  • June 5: Last Day of school for Jordan & Shakopee