A Little Sprout For Your Little Sprout

A child is never too young to learn about caring for others. Dr. Seuss’s “The Lorax” is a great role model for children to learn from. This simple project has your child care for their own plant. Like people, different plants have different needs. Some need lots of sunlight, while others do not. Some need water every day, while some can go a long time without it. Do research on the plant you choose, and have fun!


  • Small pot or container
  • Small pot plate
  • Paint
  • Potting soil
  • Seeds


  1. Paint your pot and let dry.
  2. Place pot on top of pot plate, then fill with potting soil.
  3. Sprinkle on top or press the seed(s) into the soil. Some seeds need to be buried, while others need light—read your seed packet for instructions.
  4. Water lightly.
  5. Check your plant daily; water when needed.