Big-Hearted Bookworm

Let this little worm help your child fall in love with reading. With a few simple supplies, your child will have a new reading companion to act as the guardian of their book pages. Let their creative juices flow; use any colors, make multiple antennae, or draw a goofy grin. Don’t forget to give the bookworm a name!


  • 1 big foam heart
  • 8 small foam hearts
  • 2 tiny foam hearts
  • Wiggle Eyes
  • Glitter glue
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Scissors


  1. Glue the 8 small hearts in a row, overlapping each heart slightly.
  2. Glue the big foam heart at one end of the row. This will be the bookworm's head.
  3. Glue two wiggle eyes onto the front of the big heart.
  4. Cut off two short antennae from the pipe cleaner. A good suggested length for each antenna is two inches long.
  5. Glue the antennae to the back of the bookworm's head.
  6. Glue two hearts to the top of the pipe cleaner antennae.
  7. Using the glitter glue, draw a smile on the bookworm.
  8. Let dry, then use in your current book!