Critter Plush

Who doesn’t love a soft, squishy critter to cuddle with? Try this DIY plush craft to make your own!


  • Colored felt
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Plastic needle
  • Yarn
  • Cotton balls
  • Googly eyes, buttons, string, or other decorative materials
  • Glue
  • Paper


  1. Draw a critter shape on a piece of colored felt.
  2. Carefully cut out the critter on two pieces of back-to-back felt.
  3. With an adult’s help, sew together the two pieces of felt using a plastic needle and yarn. Leave a small gap on one of the edges—stuff some cotton balls into your critter and then sew the edges shut.
  4. Decorate your critter—give it some eyes, a smile, or some hair. Get creative!
  5. Using the paper, make a nametag for your critter. What’s its name? Favorite food or hobbies? The possibilities are endless!