DIY Snow Globe

Create a homemade snow globe to add to your wintry decor collection. Enjoy the DIY craft as one of your favorite toys takes in the snowy atmosphere!


  • Heavy-duty glue
  • Small toy
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Small jar with lid
  • Glycerin
  • Fine glitter


  1. Add heavy-duty glue to the bottom of a small toy.
  2. Use a needle-nose pliers to lower the toy into the jar and press down firmly until it's in place. Allow glue to fully dry.
  3. Fill the jar with water. Add small drop of glycerin and a pinch of glitter.
  4. Use heavy-duty glue to glue the lid onto the jar. Allow glue to fully dry.
  5. Flip, shake, and marvel at your new homemade snow globe!