Mini Water Wall

With a few simple materials, you can encourage your kid’s creativity and problem-solving skills with this hands-on craft. Allow them to think like an engineer as they create and design a water wall to control water flow through straw tubes. Get ready to make a splash this summer—and have a very easy clean-up when doing this activity outside!


  • 5 plastic straws
  • Scissors
  • self-adhesive magnet strip
  • metal cookie sheet
  • large metal baking pan
  • several 1-inch round magnets
  • water


  1. Cut each straw in half, and attach a small magnet strip to one side of each straw piece.
  2. Place the cookie sheet vertically inside the baking pan so it's standing up. Use the round magnets to secure the cookie sheet inside the baking pan.
  3. Place the straw magnets vertically onto the cookie sheet in a pattern you think water will flow.
  4. Play time! See if you can pour water into the straws to create a mini water wall!