Penguin Snack Crackers

Waddle your way into the kitchen and prepare a polar-inspired plate of penguin snack crackers! Requiring only four ingredients, this easy-to-make recipe is perfect for parties and after-school snacks.


  • 12 whole pitted black olives
  • Block of colby jack cheese
  • Cream cheese
  • 16 oval snack crackers


  1. Cut four whole black olives horizontally into circular slices. Cut eight whole black olives vertically into quarters. Set aside.
  2. Cut 32 half-inch triangles out of the block of colby jack cheese, and set aside.
  3. Spread cream cheese on the crackers.
  4. Put black olives on the coated crackers, placing one horizontal, circular slice on the top of each cracker as the penguin's head and two of the vertical quarters on the sides of each cracker as the penguin's wings.
  5. Place two colby jack cheese triangles on the bottom of each cracker as the penguin's feet and one on the penguin's head as its beak.