School Bus Snacker

The wheels on this bus don’t exactly go “round and round,” but they sure are delicious! Get into the back-to school spirit with this sweet school bus snacker—good for all ages!

Beach Pudding Cups

Beachy and delicious, this summer treat will have you
feeling happy as a clam!

Apple Ladybugs

Did you know ladybugs are also sometimes called ladybirds or lady beetles? Try this quick and fun snack that kids will enjoy making—and eating!

Earth Day Snack

Celebrate Earth Day this month with a fun and delicious treat that helps teach kids about the water and land that make up our planet Earth!

Veggie and Pretzel Scooter

Look no further for a fun and creative snack to make with your kids. Even the pickiest eater will be sure to enjoy making this healthy scootin’ snack!

Fruity Frozen Ice Pops

Just because it’s ice outside doesn’t mean ice snacks are off-limis–try these yummy, fruity snacks while you dream of the warmer weather to come!

Snowman S’Mores

Who says s’mores are only for summer? Whip up these frosty treats for your next family get-together!